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    In a buzz word-heavy announcement this morning (“simplexity?”), German manufacturer Siemens joins General Electric, LG, Samsung, and Whirlpool in adding app-driven connectivity to its home appliances today. A new Home Connect iOS app will support three products in the company’s iQ700 appliance line, with more devices and an Android app coming online in 2015.

    The appliances for launch include an in-wall oven/microwave combo device, a steam oven, and a dishwasher. Each has its own set of device-specific controls and features in the Home Connect app, ranging from temperature and timing control, to recipes and shopping list generation, to dish loading instructions and power and water consumption data.
    Unlike some of its competitors, Siemens’ Home Connect app will wrangle controls for multiple appliances in one place (hence “simplexity”). The company says it plans to add connectivity to its own laundry and small appliances later next year.
    An amazing line-up from seimens. Beautiful and very efficient.

    via: Siemens 

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    Plumbers Vancouver announced the launch of their new Furnace Repairs & Installation program. We Install and maintain plumbing fixtures, fittings and equipment. Repairs include work on household pipes, drains, installation of gas cooking, heating appliances, work on bathroom, toilet fixtures and venting systems. We specialize in furnace repairs, maintenance & Installation.

    24 Hour Emergency Plumbing     Not only is the 24/7 emergency service quick and efficient, the work is guaranteed. Emergency services include: burst pipes, broken water main, plugged toilet, plugged sewer flooded basement, leaking water, plugged kitchen sink, plugged garburator, no hot water or heat In the house and hot water tank leakage.

      Available 24/7
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    Plumbers Vancouver is a full service Heating and Air Conditioning Company, based in The Vancouver, serving Residential and Commercial customers throughout the lower mainland.

    We service the Vancouver GVRD.


    Our company is Family Owned and our customer service sets us apart from the rest with regard to comprehending the requirements of our clients.

    With years of experience, setting up and servicing Heating and A/c Systems – consisting of heaters, roof-top systems, gas piping, ductwork, PVC venting, fan venting, heat pumps, ductless heat pump systems, sheet metal, electronic air cleaners, media air filters, air filtration, zoning, cosmetics air, and fresh air systems. We can install a new Heating or A/c System or Service your existing one.


    CALL US TODAY FOR A FREE QUOTE: (604) 239-3388

    * Gas and Oil Furnaces
    * Little Industrial Roof-Top Units
    * Ductless and Standard Heat Pumps
    * Flex and Sheet Metal Ductwork
    * All Elements of Gas Piping
    * Venting



    * Factory Trained and Qualified
    * Experienced in Troubleshooting and Repair works
    * Honest and Reliable
    * Highly Knowledgeable Trade Employees.


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    Today, Rheem unveiled a new line of water heaters designed specifically for wholesalers and plumbing professionals. Rheem Professional Water Heaters include exclusive features, product tiers, professional-grade quality and contractor-focused benefits—making this line-up the company’s most premier offering to-date.

    “Rheem Professional Water Heaters are a result of re-imagining our entire water heating portfolio with the contractor in mind,” said Mike Branson, vice president, product development, Rheem. “We employed the Rheem 360°+1 philosophy when creating this series, meaning our team evaluated every detail of the existing residential water heater line and then went about designing products with features for our wholesalers and plumbing customers that further improve reliability and help reduce time to install and service.”

    The Professional series includes a full range of models organized into three distinguishable product tiers that make selling and upselling easier for contractors. The tiers include:

    • Professional Prestige: With Energy Factors (EFs) up to 0.94 for gas-fired tankless units, 0.82 for gas-fired tank models, and 2.45 for electric units, Prestige models are the most energy-efficient water heaters on the market today. Units in the Prestige series offer up to a 12-year warranty on the tank and parts.
    • Professional Classic Plus: These units offer exceptional performance and high EFs—up to 0.70 for gas models and 0.95 for electric units. System Sentinel diagnostics, which feature an intuitive LED indication of the status of the heater to confirm operation and aid on service calls, comes standard on all electric models. All models in the Classic Plus family come with an eight-year warranty for the tank and parts.
    • Professional Classic: These water heaters have all of the essentials that contractors expect from Rheem at price points that meet the needs of budget-conscious homeowners. System Sentinel is available as an option on Classicelectric models. EFs reach up to 0.67 for gas models and 0.93 for electric units. This series comes with a six-year warranty for the tank and parts.


    via: Rheem 


  • Vancouver Plumbing Company

    Is it time to repair or replace your furnace or boiler?  Is your home not keeping warm? Is your home cold? you should focus on not just merely having it replaced with the same type of unit, but should re-evaluate the efficiency of your heating system. As high efficiency heating systems or furnace’s become more efficient, it is critical to ensure that your next furnace installation is carefully thought out.

    The heating technicians at this Plumbing company will perform a heating analysis on your home and will identify the perfect energy efficient heating system for you. A tech performs furnace repair, annual boiler inspections & Back Flow Prevention testing. Call us immediately if furnace repair is needed.

    Call Now For A Free Consultation: 604 239-3388

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    Seeking a Vancouver Plumber? System repair service problems appear at the most undesirable of times, so it makes sense to deal with a company that you could rely on and which will really answer the phone when you need them.

    Call: 604-239-3388

    Sinks block, showers congest while you’re hurrying against the clock. You know exactly how taps could have an astounding propensity to spring a leak and drip-drop during the night. Then you have your toilet that chooses to go haywire when flushing at primetime, or much worse, when visitors show up.

    Sinks block, showers congest while you’re hurrying against the clock. You know exactly how taps could have an astounding propensity to spring a leak and drip-drop during the night. Then you have your toilet that chooses to go haywire when flushing at primetime, or much worse, when visitors show up.

    Plumbers Vancouver

    The majority of folks will certainly reply to a plumbing system emergency situation by throwing old towels at the issue and viewing if they can patch up a mounting calamity. We are a Local company that comprehends the troubles encountered when looking for emergency plumbing repair service. Simply a call away, our group are on standby all set to take your details, pay attention to your circumstance and schedule an appointment with one of our highly educated licensed plumbers to come to your help instantly. No messing around with sub-standard work. Quality craftsmanship and our higher standard of service are assured.

    Why delay, when you can have the best Vancouver Plumber correcting your plumbing system trouble in good time. Contact us today and we’ll take care of all your plumbing requirements, whether you have a plumbing system emergency situation or you require a quote for a pending plumbing installation.

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