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Our professionally trained Surrey plumbers are proud to serve residential and business customers throughout the lower mainland. We strive to complete each job quickly and expertly and to your satisfaction. The job isn’t done until you say it’s done. 

Why Choose us


Every day we rely heavily on our Surrey home’s plumbing. We need our plumbing to function properly to carry out our busy lives. A flood can wreak havoc and cause significant damage to your belongings. The good news is, Ally Plumbing can protect your home and prevent this tragedy from occurring.

We utilize state of the art technology to ensure that your plumbing operates properly. We have the ability to detect leaks and cracks in your pipes so that we can act before disaster strikes. Call us today to have your home’s pipes inspected.

Drain Cleaning

Once we use the incoming water from our faucets, toilets, showers or tubs, it has to go somewhere. The drainage system inside your home is an indispensable part of your total plumbing system, carrying waste and used (gray) water to the sewer or septic system outside. Drain cleaning is necessary at times to keep these pipes working efficiently.

If if you are dealing with a clogged toilet, overflowing sink or even sewage backing up into your shower, Ally Plumbing will make sure the problem gets solved quickly and efficiently.

Our Technicians

When you are looking to replace or install new plumbing fixtures in your home, it is imperative to use licensed professional plumbers. Our licensed technicians will efficiently install new plumbing fixtures in your kitchen, bathroom, or any other area of your home. We take pride in our work and guarantee that our technicians will complete the job on time and within your specific budget needs.

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Heating Repair & Installation

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