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Residential drains

can prevent ponds from forming in your yard by providing a path for water drainage. The typical building code requires a minimum decrease in elevation of 6 inches over the ten feet next to your house. This may not be enough slope to keep water away from your foundation. One easy way to keep from having to regrade around your home is to use a French drain, also known as a trench drain.  A French drain is made of 4-inch perforated drainage pipe laid about a foot and a half deep around your house, with a gravel bed and a layer of gravel on top. The French drain follows the slope of the yard until it gets past the house, where it levels out and seeks daylight.

Drainage Systems

The drainage system is the set of parts that allow water to drain properly out of the soil on a building site. A good drainage system will use the right materials and be designed for adequate drainage volume and durability.

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