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Vancouver Plumbers, Heating & Cooling answers your water heating needs with exceptional products, skilled workmanship, and conscientious service.

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Gas Piping & Fitting Service

With over twenty years of industry experience, we’ve customized our services to better combat the impact of local water quality and severe weather. Our licensed technicians specialize in water heater installation, replacement, regular maintenance, and repair of all makes and models, bringing you a reliable source for water heating services.

Hot Water Tank Service, Repairs & Installations

If you own a business, especially a restaurant, you understand the dire importance of hot water. Our water heater services deliver 24 hour service to Surrey and throughout the lower mainland for the ultimate in 24-hour service. Having access to many models of gas & electric water heaters is just another reason that we are the company you count on.

Water Tank Repair & Tankless On-Demand Water Heaters

If you’re debating over types and models of water heaters, we supply the helpful information and knowledgeable recommendations that protect your best interests. While a traditional tank type water heater is cheaper to purchase and install than a tankless alternative, it isn’t necessarily the right choice for you. And settling for the least expensive tank-style model can actually cost you more in the end. Storage tank options tend to look the same, but quality of features sets them apart.

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