No Hot Water? Need Emergency Hot Water Tank Repair?


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Whether it’s a standard tank or a state-of-the-art tankless model, our repair experts will make sure you have all the hot water you need as fast as possible.

Need your Surrey hot water tank repaired or installed ? 

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Why Plumbers Vancouver Is The Right Choice for Your Repairs

  1. No matter what type of water heater you have, we can fix it. We can handle any make or model of tankless water heater or hot water tanks. We have a huge selection of high quality parts ready to go whenever they’re needed.

    If your hot water heater is slow to heat, runs out of hot water faster than normal, or does not produce any hot water at all, there’s a 90% chance that simply replacing the heating elements will resolve the problem. Just keep in mind that hot water tanks have a typical life span of 10 to 15 years (it’s 20 or more for tankless). If your heater is approaching the age of replacement, replacement may be more cost effective than repairing.

    Want to reduce the chances you’ll need repair help in the future? Get yearly servicing. With regular maintenance, you’ll get these benefits:

    • Extend the life of your water heating equipment.
    • More efficient operation.
    • Less chance of a breakdown.

    Our expert seasonal maintenance services will keep your hot water tank operating at peak efficiency for optimum comfort year round. Everything will be fully checked and cleaned, and possible issues brought to your attention.

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