Plumber in Vancouver Shows You The Water Main Shut Off

Plumber in Vancouver Shows You The Water Main Shut Off



 Your main water valve location should be common knowledge. This Vancouver plumber shows you where to look so you know what to do in case of a burst pipe and your basement is flooding.

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Part of the Ashton Value Plan is identifying and tagging the main water valve in your home. We walk you around and show you where it is.

We find a lot of homeowners are not aware of where their shut off valve is to their home. Typically you would have a 3/4 inch water service in your mechanical room. You look for a 3/4 inch ball valve on the service line.

There are two styles of shut off valve. One is the more common ball valve and the other is a wheel which you turn counter clockwise to turn off.

Another place you will find the main shut off valve is near the garden hose. Many times the main valve is behind the wall where the garden hose comes out. You might have to go into the crawl space to find it but it should be in one of those two places. If not give us a call and we'll solve the mystery for you.