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We can service, repair and in instances where it is required, replace all makes and models of water heaters, gas or electric. We do provide complimentary systems and needs analysis for this purpose to help you determine the best fit for you.

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Heating Repair & Installation

3 problems indicating that a hot water heater repair is necessary?

No Hot Water

This is perhaps the most common complaint we hear from clients, they woke up this morning and there was very little or no hot water coming out of the water heater. There could be many different reasons that this has occurred, such as a very windy day might have extinguished the units’ pilot light, a gas utility interruption, or a mechanical fault could have occurred in the systems operating control.

Water on Floor 

The second most common issue we hear about is my hot water tank is leaking, my floor is wet all around the unit, and how do I shut it off? The quick answer for this is above the water heater there is valve with either a round or a flat bar shaped handle, which is used to turn the water off to the tank. This will prevent more water and pressure from getting to the tank, but keep in mind that there is still the water stored in the tank which would still leak out.

Hot Water Runs Out

This complaint is not as common an occurrence anymore, where the water coming out of the hot water heater starts out hot, and very quickly gets cold, but it does still happen. This is an indication there is an internal fault with the tube inside the water heater that is attached to the cold water inlet, if this occurs it is a good sign that the heater has reached the limit of its service life and replacement should be considered.

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